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The Syrian Civil War and the Human Rights Violations

The war is Syria is proof that humans must learn to live in peace or perish together as fools. The Syrian civil war started in 2011 as part of the Arab spring protest. The bad thing is that war has not stopped in Syria since 2011. No person would have foreseen the war lasting so many years and claiming hundred of thousands of innocent lives. Over 500,000 civilians have died as result of the war.

The war in Syria is fought between two opposing factions namely the Syrian government or Assad regime Vs rebels. The war is complicated because both sides are supported by different nations. As of now, no person can predict when the war will end as both sides show no sign of cease fire. People in the world are crying the hearts out for peace to prevail in Syria.

Civilian abuse

More than 500,000 thousand civilians in Syria have died because of the civil war. Millions have also been injured in the armed conflict. The situation has also left millions of people displaced, while those lucky enough have been able to escape Syria to seek asylum in other countries. The number of deaths and injuries in this war are simply out of this world. The Syrian government is responsible for killing hundred of thousands of people. The regime has also murdered people through the use of chemical weapons. Thousands of civilians in Syria have also been killed at the hands of rebels. In short, the human rights and code of conduct expected to be followed in times of war has been totally ignored. Aside from murderers, lots of people including children have been injured badly in the conflict.

Blocking aid

Aid agencies trying to reach the affected populace have been prevented from reaching their destination by both sides. Internally displaced persons just can’t access food they badly need to survive while the injured are not be able to receive the treatment they badly need.

Millions of civilian in Syria risk dying from starvation as a result. Women have also been raped in masses as result of this conflict. Supplies from doctors has been blocked from reaching the needy patients.

The war hasn’t stopped

The Arab League of Nations and the UN have for a long time tried to end the conflict but have not succeeded. The Assad regime has refused to sit on the negotiation table saying they are not ready to talk with armed terrorist groups. The Syrian war shows no signs of ending presently. World leaders must act quickly to stop the war because people are already suffered too much.

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