Boots that Must be Owned by Men

Boots are the quintessential fall shoes for men. Every year, you can expect to see new updates when it comes to boot trends and colors. Though there are always slight variations and modernized details on the fashion runways each fall season, generally the styles of boots and the silhouettes remain the same. The must-have boots for men this season combine many of the same features and benefits of boots from prior fall seasons: function, comfort, protection and style.

Steel Toe

Boots with steel toes are a requirement for men working in many construction, production and industry-specific trades. From a functional standpoint, boots with steel toes protect men who work in automotive, manufacturing and welding trades from flying debris and dropped tools. From a fashion standpoint, boots with steel toes offer an industrial and structured look that men with edgy, urban and hipster styles gravitate towards; they are also great for men who love outdoor sports, adventures and hiking.

Snow Boots

A well-insulated pair of snow boots that offers incredible traction is a must-have pair of shoes for men in colder climates. Not only are snow boots essential for everything from snowmobiling to cleaning snow and ice off of cars and shoveling, snow boots can also be a stylish footwear choice for running errands and heading out to dinner with friends. In many colder climates with brutal winters, snow boots may be the only footwear you wear for three to six months out of the year. You want to invest in a good-quality pair that is waterproof, insulated and stylish.

Eagle footwear has a wide variety of tactical, winter, steel toe and hiking boots that are as stylish as they are functional. In addition to functional boots, many men also add chukka and Chelsea boots to their winter footwear wardrobe. Leather moto boots with buckles are an edgy and rugged style many men also like having in their closets. Whether you like boots with a more utilitarian, functional and rugged style or prefer boots that can pair in a complementary way with suits and dress clothes, no fall wardrobe is complete without boots.