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Why Websites Need a Sitemap

When you are familiar with the internet then you have heard the terms “site map” yet you could still be wondering what that is. So now, you want answers to the query, “What is a sitemap?” To start with, a site map is simply a web page that contains a list of your website’s web pages. A site map is very important if you want your webpages to be visible on the world wide web. It lets search engines find your web pages. Also, it allows visitors to be able to click the webpage links contained in that website. Simply put, a site map makes your website easy to navigate.

Moving on, there’s two known kinds of sitemaps. These types are determined based on the sitemap’s function. The first type of sitemap is meant for giving visitors a good website experience by allowing them to easily navigate all the website’s pages very easily. This allows you to concentrate more on the aesthetic aspect of your website’s or webpages’ layout. Having said that, this involves creating categories or sections that have the appropriate links. This visitor-focused type of website lets users find information that they want to find without any trouble.

Meanwhile, the second type of sitemap allows search engine crawlers to more completely find and index the entire contents of your website. The purpose is to make sure that no website page is missed when search engines index them. Technically speaking this type is created with XML language. Furthermore, the sitemap should be located in the root directory of the webserver. Technically, the the site map’s details are mentioned on the file knows as robots.txt. This file gives crawlers of search engines a list of links that needs to be indexed.

There are different reasons why sitemaps are important. First of all it pushes the ranking of your website up search engine results. This only happens when search engines are able to index the webpages of your website. SO now you ask why is it so important for search engines to be able to crawl your website? Visitors start with search engines when they want to research on a particular keyword. So, when search engines displays results, you want your website to be part of it.

Your users could use a great user experience on your website. This is most especially true to websites that have hundreds or thousands of content. By giving your visitors a good website experience, they are likely to return regularly for more updates.

Simply put, a website is important because it keeps things in your website organized. This means that if you have a website, you need a sitemap. This is true even if you only have around twenty webpages. IF you need help is making one, learn more here.

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