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Why It’s Important to Learn How to Clean and Maintain Your Diesel Engine Air Filter

If you’re in charge of the maintenance of a diesel engine under the hood of a big machine or heavy equipment, you probably don’t spend that much attention to the air filters. But it’s about time for you to realize how important and critical it is for you to include air filter cleaning and maintenance in the diesel engine’s maintenance regime.

There’s an obvious need for diesel-powered equipment owners to buy and always have a supply of diesel filter cleaner because the air filter in the engine is responsible for making sure that the air entering the combustion chamber is clean and pure. What happens then if the air filter is not cleaned and regularly maintained? For one, the entry of contaminated air into the engine will cause unwanted and untimely wear. And when foreign objects enter, there’s going to be a less efficient combustion process. In this regard, the air filter’s role is to prevent the entry of any debris that can disrupt the air supply. So, if it is dirty or is already too deteriorated, it never can do its job.

Advantages of Air Filter Cleaning

Yes, diesel air filters will have to be replaced at some point, but you don’t have to do it in very close intervals since you can clean them instead. Now let’s talk about the notable benefits of air filter cleaning:

1 – You encourage improved performance for your diesel engine without spending too much.

We’ve gone through the effects of a clogged and dirty air filters earlier and when you don’t address them, it’ll affect how your diesel engine runs. But if you just spend several minutes cleaning them using handy aids like an air filter blaster, you will see the difference in the performance of your engine, plus the fact that doing so will restore its normal power output.

2 – Cleaning your air filters correspond to prolonged engine life.

The air filter works by blocking dirt and other debris so as to ensure that the air making its way to the engine is clean. But for it to work that way, it eventually will collect and cause a buildup of the dirt in its body. The moment the buildup has already created a blocking party that the filter no longer can function, then it only means if needs to be cleaned right away. When a dirty air filter is ignored, those tiny and microscopic debris will wreak havoc to the engine’s essential parts, including the rings, pistons, and even the cylinder linings. The last thing you want is a damaged engine caused by debris trapped in the filters.

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