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How Does The Laser Therapy Kit Work?

You could be seeing your hair falling off in your pillow, shower drain or your hair brush. There could be a wider noticeable part on men and women the circumference of the pony tail getting smaller. A ponytail that is getting smaller and the wider part getting noticed that is reason enough to know that your hair is shedding. Hair shedding is not so visible by men and cannot also be easily spotted when looking at the mirror and then you have relatives and colleagues who are afraid of being the first ones to break the news to you that you are losing hair. Before a patient of hair loss can accept that their hair is shedding there are attempts to disguise using different hairstyles.

Upon detection of hair loss the best part is there are treatment solutions. Loosing hair sometimes can have other reasons apart from the common old age and sickness and these need to be verified before the non-surgical and non-invasive treatment solutions are given. Treatments include laser therapy, prescription medicines and other topical solutions. The reasons behind shedding of hair are diverse therefore one has to seek to know the medication that is right for them.
Low level laser treatment is one of the options of treatment. It is used by people suffering from patterns of hair loss both female and male. This light or heat treatment has shown that they are effective in energizing and stimulating cells that are in the follicles of hair.

Increase in hair growth was reported in the initial experiment that was used on rats. Alopecia or pattern balding is a sign that treatment using laser is curative. Low level laser treatment has become the most preferred proof following some testimonials from previous patients and trials that are done in clinics all of which have validated this therapy.

Low level laser treatment has not been present for a very long time but that aside it has received great acceptance in the medical hospitals and who are also leaders and members of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and the International Society of Hair Restoration.

Apart from help in regrowing hair this low level light therapy can reduce pains, musculoskeletal, headaches, and neuropathic pains and have very little or no side effects. The reason behind this is because there are biological statistics that show that this low level light therapy has photobiomodulation also present in humans.

Low level laser therapy was approved first in 2007 by the association of Drugs and Food administration. It started from mild to moderate treatment of the hair loss with the laser comb that has been designed to re-grow hair. The laser comb has some challenges in that it is not a complete cure for hair loss and a bad following of its use. Introducing the laser therapy cap is easy to use and forces patients to comply so that they can gain their back.

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