Watch This When Choosing Running Clothes

In the past, wearing cotton shirts and shorts were sufficient as a capital to run. Now the appearance of the runners is very colorful. Various models of running clothes you can meet worn by a runner-like a fashion runway.

Running Clothes

The choice of running clothes is diverse. For superiors, there are singlets, tank tops, short sleeves, or long arms. For male subordinates, there are options ranging from shorts with a variety of lengths, to tights. For women, all of those options are added by the skort.

In addition to shoes, running clothes are indeed a compulsory equipment for runners. When the right running shoes determine the quality of movement and performance, then the running shirt helps improve the performance. Here’s what you need to know when choosing running clothes:

Prioritize Functions

Any interesting model of a shirt, function, and comfort should be a priority. Once both are filled, you can play around with style or color.

Avoid Cotton Material

This material will absorb the sweat, thus making the clothes heavier and cause blisters due to friction with the skin. You are so uncomfortable.

Select Materials that are Technical (technical fabric)

Choose materials that are technical, such as polyester and nylon, which can evaporate moisture out of the body so it dries quickly. This kind of material keeps the skin breathable and keeps you cool during running. When you are raining, its fast drying ability will prevent you from becoming cold.

Select Lightweight and Loose Material

Living in a tropical country means you will most likely run in hot weather. Choose clothes, both superiors, and subordinates, who are light and loose. Lightweight armor will make it cooler than short sleeves or tank tops. Because such models protect the skin from sun exposure. While loose clothing provides more circulation.

Made from Mesh

Some clothes have mesh panels that can cool down. Generally present in strategic areas that tend to heat faster, such as the back, armpits, or side of the body.

Running Clothes with Anti Blister

There are also clothes that constructed without seams in certain areas. This will help eliminate the possibility of abrasions in the area.

Contains UPF

UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) on clothing is like SPF (sun protection factor) on sunscreen. Clothing with UPF value is clothing that has levels of protection against exposure to sunlight. For example, UPF 30 means that if there are 30 units of ultraviolet light exposing the clothing, then only one unit will penetrate the skin. Apparel with UPF 30 that blocks 29 of 30 units of ultraviolet rays means blocking 96.7 percent. UPF 15-24 has a good level of protection with the ability to block ultraviolet light from 93.3 to 95.9 percent. UPF 25-39 is excellent with 96-97.4 percent blocking ability. Whereas UPF 40-50 is perfect with a blocking ability level of 97.5-98 + percent.

That’s how somethings you should consider when choosing clothes to run. Trivial indeed but if you neglect will result in discomfort in your body.